Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Food Crawl (II) - *SC in town*

Continuation of Part (I), me and SC went to The Gardens and Midvalley Megamall on Sunday for some hanging out before headed to Sentral for ERL to catch his plane back to Singapore. Miss ya! We bumped into my few friends in the malls too, so coincidence. So i do not need to make a formal introduction la....hehe.... i think the news will sooner or later be spreaded out...

I craved for some Taiwanese food so here we were, Foong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant @ The Gardens. Visited here before and tried their cuisine, love it very much. Price will be a bit expensive but considering the quality and ambience, i am willing to pay for it...It was Sunday, already packed even before 12pm!
They have mostly set menus, which comes with appetiser, main dish, soup and rice. Many varieties to be chosen, and the one i would like to recommend is the "3 Cup Chicken - San Bei Ji". Very aromatic dish. But we didn't order this since i have tried it before, and SC wanted something else....

WuLong Tea - RM12

Heart the way they serve it

SC's order
Zha Jiang Mian - Minced meat noodles
RM____ (hehe..forgotten. should be less than RM20)
Not too salty, tasted ngam ngam for me.
No complains from SC, so i guess it's OK...

Mie's order
Pig intestines Meesua - RM9.80
Craved this for so long and at last able to savour it. Comparable with the famous Ahzhong Meesua in Taipei which i have tried before too. Sticky gravy which i heart, and the "spare part" is not smelly at all. Garnished with some chili oil made it more appetising!

Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang - Glutinous rice wrapped with Taiwanese sausages
Awesomely delicious!
The glutinous rice was very flavourful, added with some dried meat floss. Taiwanese sausage as tasty as ever. You could imagine the results fom this two combinations...

Gosh i feel like going back to Taipei!


We had our early dinner at Little Penang Kafe @ Midvalley before headed to Sentral...

Always noticed that this cafe is packed with patrons but never had the intention to try it until last Sunday.... Someone wanted to eat CharKuey Teow ma...so we visited here lo....

I seriously need to god cuppa of coffee to wake me up so got myself this
Local Penang Coffee - RM3.90
Nothing different with Kopi O, but it really tasted strong. Perk me up!

Char Kuey Teow - RM9.80
This is spicy version, which according to SC was really spicy!
I tried a bite, didn't really fancy it.
Nothing special to me.....
As usual, no complains from SC... :P

My favourite - Assam Laksa
Shrimp paste was provided separately.
Just average
Hmm....gotta visit Penang soon for some local Penang food i guess ^_^

Otak Otak - RM8.00
Average too, but still was flavourful with the spices and we could see the fish meat.
SC was a bit disappointed on the way it was served as it was being re-heated.
Next time i bring you to Muar for the real otak-otak ok ~~~


So that ended our weekend food crawl. Next one on this coming weekend....calories counting...Gulp! Well it depends who is the companion, so i have no complain :P

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