Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food Republic @ Pavilion KL

Was at Pavilion last Friday for our firm's movie night. Free tickets to Transformers II ... yay!! So we went to have our dinner at Food Republic, located at ground floor of Pavilion...
I first tried out Food Republic at Singapore during my previous visit to the island last year. Although this is only a food court, we can expect a high quality of foods provided, and normally the stalls operating are well known. In Food Republic Pavilion, we can see stalls from Vietnam Kitchen, Little Taiwan, Toast Box, Ah Yip Herbal Soup, Ichiban Ramen and many other local and international foods. I always have difficult time wondering what to choose to eat here...haha...
After numerous rounds of having meals here, i always find myself buying from a particular stall named Thye Hong. A client from Singapore recommended me to Thye Hong when i visited Singapore during last trip, and the stall was always packed with people queuing up to buy a few signature foods. The same scene could be seen in Pavilion too, particularly during weekends...
Let's check out what's my favourite in Food Republic

Fried Prawn Noodles - RM7.50

I like the way they serve it using a type of leave (not sure what it calls)
Similar to soup version of prawn noodles, this was laden with ingredients that you and me used to see such as prawns and taugeh, and fried with some additional stuff such as cuttlefish and eggs. Noodles were fried until wet enough and you can expect slurrrpyy effect while having this


Fried "O Jian" - RM8.00
Crispy egg batter fried with "O"
Very fragrant and we couldn't stop muching on this...hehe...
We love this as it was not laden with tapioca flour that other stalls are selling...
Enjoy every bite of it

Porridge set comes with sinful YaoCharKwai
Sticky Porridge..yum!
Overall a satisfying dinner at a rather affordable price. Pricing may be slightly higher than normal food court but given the food quality, i think it's worth. Looking forward trying out other stalls in next visit...

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