Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green tea passion

I guess i don't need to explain further the goodness of green tea to all of you. Many articles have been published on the advantage of consuming green tea. Even if you have not read any article on this, please google search "green tea" on the internet then.....

I have always been a fan of green tea, apart from the coffe which i have addicted to. Oh well, guess my body needs to neutralise the caffeine from coffee so i have to take green tea to detoxify it..haha...

How fanatic am i on green tea? See below....

My cuppa in office, especially if the air-cond is too cold
Good enough to warm me up, and it's a healthy drink too.

Green tea chiffon cake from San Terri Cottage

~~ Fluffy ~~
Those who does not fancy green tea may not like it as it tastes a bit bitter, but i like...

Green tea candy which i got during Hong Kong trip
It was imported from Japan
Rich and flavourful in green tea, the way i expected it

Green tea mousse cake from San Terri Cottage again
I fall in love with green tea cake .......

My Love
Green Tea Frappe
It was like love at first sight when i first sip on this lovely drink
It has a little dash of blueberry which made it more yummylicious, but Starbucks only selling this during last promotion. Gotta check whether they sell this again in their store...

There are many many more green tea delicacies that i have savoured before but unfortunately did not take any photo of it eg: green tea mochi, ice cream, soba, and etc. I even have a friend who bought me a tub of Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream as my b'day pressie last year, and i managed to finish whole tub....haha...
Oh well, maybe i need to get some green tea ice cream from HD as a reward for hard work these few months =)
Guys, if you want a healthier lifestyle, please consider green tea.....


  1. hee hee ... u should try RT bakery house Green tea cake and their swiss roll. They have 2 branches one at Subang SS15 and another one at Tmn Desa .. Check out this site

  2. The green tea ice cream from Azabu Sabo in Singapore is one of the best I had before. Should try it when you are in Marina Square...get a mix with dark chocolate ice cream.

  3. Looks really good. The Frappe is very refreshing. I've been loving it since I've tried it.

    Green tea