Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steam Fish Head @ Jalan Chan Sow Lin

Another meeting in the morning. Another drop by for lunch on the way back to office. Another lunch with Mr SFS....yes, is him again! I wonder why....haha
This time, we managed to drop by for Chan Sow Lin Steam Fish Head. Have not been visiting this area for more than half a year due to work commitment. Our lunch kakis in office just do not have the spare time to go all the way from KL City to Sg Besi for the sake of this HEAD =)
I love the steam fish head served at this place. This is the place where the famous steam fish head originated. Ask people where to find steam fish head and they will answer Jalan Chan Sow Lin. There are a few shops/stalls at Jalan Chan Sow Lin serving this authentic dish, but we always frequent this at Jalan 3......
Please do not expect to sit in a fancy restaurant or even a tidy shop/stall. You will ended up seeing these:

Is this considered an open kitchen..haha...

Sour Plum juice - RM1.50
Normal, we are not here for the drink anyway...

There are many side dishes available other than the Steam Fish Head. They served Steam Chicken, tofu dishes, and some other made-to-ready fried stuff.

We ordered YongTauFoo...just for the fun of trying the taste.
Average....cannot expect it to be better than Ampang....

Oily vegetable - Yau Mak
Unexpectedly refreshing...

The star of the lunch - Steam Fish Head in Sauce 酱蒸鱼头

The fish head is halved and steamed. And we like the sauce very much, best served with rice.
They use 松鱼头 (unsure of the name in English) as it is very big portion, and you may find generous portion of Omega in this dish. I have 1 friend who is able to finish all the Omega in the fish head, together with the fish eyes! For those in office, you should know who i meant!

Total damage - RM31

Quite heavy for lunch actually, for the stomach and also the wallet =)

I heart steam fish (not only fish head) very much and i have a client who knows about this and brought me to a restaurant famous in this dish somewhere in Shah Alam....and she kept on asking me to wallop all the fish! OMG WTF~~~~Anyway i do appreciate her gesture ....

~~The stall~~
Very easy to locate along Jalan Tiga, Chan Sow Lin.
From Jalan Tun Razak heading towards Sg Besi, keep left after you see BHP petol station and immediately turn left at the junction just after a workshop. You may see some aunties/uncles waving their hands to direct you to the parking, and yes, they collect RM2 from you for parking alongside the road. Be careful when driving around there as the area is a light industrial area and you may see many lorries/trucks driving around....I think they only open for lunch...not sure about weekends but i heard they are closed on Sunday.

Enjoy the HEAD ^_^


  1. my stomach is grumbling .... I like fish instead of head.

  2. do u know if they are open on saturdays?

  3. had it today, damn 9 housek..