Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best Hainan Chicken Rice in town!

Anyone of you know that i am a hainanese? I think not many of you did...So what will you have in your mind about hainanese? Hainan kopi? Hainan toast bread? Hainan island?
Let me tell you where to find the best hainan chicken rice in KL. It is a secret recipe by an old lady who hails from Hainan island herself. She has been cooking this since young. I have been eating this since i starting to eat chicken rice. For those who is close to me, you will know that i never order chicken rice outside, since i have the better one in my heart....

it's very fair...haha...
We also had these......

braised mushroom

fried "nga-ku"

the chicken is best served with traditional chilli sauce

~ yummylicious ~
i had the drumstick btw...=)

superb dinner - priceless
The best place serving this? My aunt's place...haha....i used to see her cook this hainan chicken rice many times and i guess i can try to cook this next time....Anyone interested to be my white mouse?

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  1. Hey, curi the recipes .... so, you could cook for me...