Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stall that i have been visiting for more than 20 years....

Do you have a particular stall or shop, which you start visiting since childhood, and the people and foods of the particular stall are still the same as many years back?
Well, i have. I have been visiting this stall since i was a small kid. I think it has been more than 20 years ... wah..time flies~~~~
Tell you what. They never change! Why? See the following....
1) the quality is still as good as before
2) they still insist to use charcoal to cook after so many years
3) they are still operating in stall, even though all of us know that the boss is earning as much as a restaurant owner
4) they have a loyal waitress who has been helping them for many years. Seriously, i saw her 20 years ago and now she is still working here. I think she deserves the most loyal employee award =)
And you know what is the most torturing part that they never change? THE WAITING TIME!!!

There were damn many customers on Friday night. Particularly due to the fact many came back for Ching Ming session, like what me and my 2 bros did. You only see a few tables here, there are a lot more seated outside the stall ...

This is the uncle doing the stunt =)
I see him from being black hair to white hair... Ages...sob sob....
As you can see, they only have a small open kitchen and a small place serving the drinks/some preparation/keeping cutleries. The GOOD food do not need a fancy environment to match it anyway...

Wait, wait, wait...we ended up waiting approx 45 minutes for our turn. This is a norm here. If you can't wait, better don't go...

And at last.....after our stomach making some loud pop music...

Hokkien Fried Mee
Do you see the sinful 猪肉渣 on top? Hello cholestrol!!!
Enough of "wok-hei", and the home-made yellow noodles made this dish even more delicious.
I dono how to further describe this anymore, you better try it yourself =)

My favourite - Loh Mee
I heart the soup, which is cooked in generous amount of eggs. I can just take the soup without the noodles...hehe...

the best evidence of how tasty is the Loh Mee ^_^

the legendary Beehoon in Pepper hot soup
They call it "Ba-Ki", which means pepper soup with porks in Hokkien.
The uncle sourced the pepper from Sarawak and he used it when cooking this. And the results, a flavourful pepper soup, with starchy a hot piping pepper soup! You will see generous amount of pepper at the bottom of the bowl by the time you finish wallop this...
I can't seem to find similar dish in KL. This make the stall even more famous with KL people who will visit it often, since it is only 45 minutes drive from the city to reach here...

Cantonese style Yin Yong.
The sauce is very flavourful with generous amount of egg starch, served with the crunchy fried is just awesome.
Also, i can't find this in any Taichow stall in KL. They either made the beehoon very soft or they made the sauce very watery...i still heart this at my own hometown..

We also ordered the fried cabbage with dried shrimp. This is the only vege dish that they serve. Certain amount of chinese wine is mixed and it makes the dish even more delicious....

~~ All foods are priced at RM8 per plate ~~
This stall is only a 3 minutes drive after Tanjong Malim toll. If you are interested to go there, please do not hesitate to call me for direction. I have been eating it for more than 20 years and i bet you sure like it...


  1. not as yummilicious as before already... >.<

  2. fufu, i feel the same. food taste better in old days i guess...haha

  3. I'm actually not a big fan of peeps in waiting list, that's why I don't go to this place oftenly.