Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ketam Steamboat @ Manjalara, Kepong

It was a gloomy afternoon...rain started around 2pm...rain, stop, rain, stop.....continuously. What is the best food to eat during such's steamboat time again!
I love steamboat...if you do not know before, now you know =) And i like to visit Ketam Steamboat Restaurant @ Manjalara, Kepong. Reason? VALUE FOR MONEY. I found the portion served is more than those served in other steamboat restaurant. It is real worth the value....Many of you may have visited this shop before. Some come all the way from PJ and KL...just for the sake of Ketam steamboat....

Steamboat set - RM15.80 per pax
Includes pork balls, prawns, some other fish balls, fish, quail egg, vege, fuchok, tofu and so on...their ingredients are sourced from Pulau Ketam, if i am not mistaken, hence the name of the restaurant given. They are fresh!

Pork balls - RM7.20 for 12
My fave! I dont think you can get so many of this in other shops...

Suikow - dumplings - RM7.20 for 8
Very nice! I like it cos they mix some vege like carrot and black fungus in it...

Part of the set - eggs, beehoon and yeemee....

Side order - vegetables - RM6 each

wait for it to boil~~~~~waiting...waiting.......

yay it's done!
let's indulge!

i like to eat this kind of egg during steamboat...awesome!

Having steamboat during rainy days definitely will warm your stomach and also your heart...simple dish, yet flavorful and filling!

Ketam Steamboat Restaurant
Kepong Manjalara
Tel - 03 6272 2286

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