Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dragon-i @ Pavilion KL

I still clearly remember when Dragon-i first opened its outlet at Cititel Hotel Midvalley, i was so eager to try it immediately after its opening. Being a big fan of XiaoLongBao, i will always find opportunity to savour this delicacy in any restaurant serving this authentic dish. I have personally try this dimsum in its origin place, Shanghai for N times. Nothing in Malaysia can beat those from Shanghai for sure. However, there are still some Shanghai restaurants in KL serving good XiaoLongBao and one of it is Dragon-i.

We were at Dragon-i Pavilion for farewell lunch for Jo. We made a prior reservation for 10 of us, and were seated in a section specially cater for big groups. So it was rather empty....

Dragon-i serves culinary from region of Shanghai, Szechuan, Beijing and Lanzhou. Having established in Malaysia since 2004, it has many signature dishes such as XiaoLongBao and LaMian...

Titbits - RM2
Braised peanuts

I like their chili, taste like XO sauce and has lots of dried shrimps chunks

Chinese tea for all of us - RM2 per pax

Appetiser - Pork Roll 蒜泥白肉青瓜卷 - RM14 per portion
What you see here is 2 portions

Crunchy vege wrapped by soft pork slice, garnished by garlic sauce, served cold. Something new to all of us, and we found it good...

Fried LaMian with seafood 海鲜干炒拉面 - RM16
Pretty average LaMian

Sauted Diced Chicken 四川辣子鸡丁 - RM20
Diced chicken fried until crunchy and fried with lots of dried chillis. It is not that spicy as we think by the way. Maybe it has been adjusted to suit local taste...

Stir Fried Season Bean 干煸四季豆 - RM18
I found this something like home-cooked food so i think it's a bit pricy
Taste wise, average.

Fried Carrot Cake with XO sauce
XO酱炒虾仁萝卜糕 - RM12
The carrot cake taste very bland, and only little XO sauce was used since i didn't find much on the plate. Also, it has not enough "wok-hei" as it should be for such an authentic dish.

RM9 per basket of 4
Honestly, i feel this is no longer as tasty as before. Many people commented that the food quality has dropped, not sure why. Anyway, the XiaoLongBao is still nice to be eaten...

Meat Dumplings in Spicy sauce
红油抄手 - RM12
Normal meat dumplings with hot & spicy sauce, please be cautious when eating this as you wouldn't like the feeling of the spicy sauce spread into your throat when you bite it!

Deep Fried Bean Curd Rolls 腐皮虾卷 - RM9

Deep Fried Glutinous Ball 炸桂花汤圆 - RM8
Jo's comment: Taste weird!
Guess they didn't use to the GuiHua taste....

Pan Fried Meat Bun 生煎包 - RM8
Meat filling was not juicy, and the bun was nothing special too.
So-so only...

Established for so many years, Dragon-i has attracted many loyal customers and the number of outlets have spread to whole Malaysia. It is currently running a promotion of RM1 per plate of Soya Sauce Chicken for dinner time only, and 10% discount for CIMB credit card. Do check it out if you are interested....

I like their interior design...

Lot 1.13, Level 1
Pavilion KL
(Same level as Food Republic)
Tel: 03-2143 7688

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