Friday, April 17, 2009

Subway for lunch??

The last time i visited Subway was somewhere half year ago...OMG! I can't believe i have not been visiting my favourite sandwich joint for so long!! Well, the last time i went was with ManMan. Today, both of us went to savour this in Avenue K outlet, since we ran out of idea where to head for lunch.....

The reason why i love Subway is their generous portion of fillings, and a very hearty bread. I love their bread very much. Somehow it's a bit costly to pay more than RM10 just for a sandwich...but i like the hearty feeling after eating it. Can minimise the risk of yawning after lunch hour...haha.....

I have noticed that Subway has been doing some promotion, where they are offering sandwich of the day at RM7.50 each (6 inch sandwich).

So this is what you expect to see when any eateries doing promotion...i never see so many customers visiting here before they do promo...

Guess they expect huge number of customers. There were around 6-7 waiter/waitress serving us, each in-charging of different "section"...

1st section - choose your bread

2nd section - choose your toppings

3rd section - choose your sauce

4th section - complete your meal

Our lunch
Subway of the day - Smoked Turkey + drinks
less than RM20 for 2 sets

Both of us were left disappointed with this. Bland taste, eventhough there were some sauces included. The thousand island sauce requested was also tasteless! Halo! If you want to do promo, please do not expect to increase quantity of sales but reduce the quality of food!
It was not a happy meal...i still prefer the outlet in Wisma Selangor Dredging @ Jalan Ampang. Always taste better than Avenue K outlet...i wonder why @_@

Our day was not spiced up with such a quality of food. We decided to stick back to Wisma Selangor Dredging if we are craving for Subway again....ManMan, when shall we go??

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  1. Not a big fan though....everytime when I passed by Subway, I will try to hold my breath because the smell was really familiar...