Sunday, April 26, 2009

Same restaurant, same cuisine, same location, same food!

I seldom pay visit to same restaurant in the same month (excluded the eateries at my office la...). I do not like visiting same restaurant in same location too....cos there are so many other eateries for me to savour. But i have found myself visited Sakae Sushi @ KLCC again on last Friday. Reason being? Paying farewell for MeiKean and Jolyn who are leaving for good end of this month, so one of them suggested to have meal there.... Isshh! Before i reached, i was wondering what to order...definitely those that i have not tried in the previous visit...

MeiKean, Anny, Mie...why do i look so tired?

MeiKean ordered this. I think this is tempura vege...something new for me.
Very crunchy. Should be good if pair with beer....

My must order again - Soft shell crab temaki

Potato salad
Contrary to normal mashed potato that we normally eat in KFC, this is more flavourful even though there is no gravy. Soft...oh my....

Hana Maki
I like this presentation, so tempting @_@
I have commented this before so i am a bit lazy to elaborate again ..hehe...

Can't recall the exact name of this sushi, but i am sure you know what this is.

Sake salad, which i ordered out of curiosity.
It came with a separate salad sauce, which tasted a bit sweet and sour. You may add the sauce depending on your liking. The salad comprised of salmon slice, jelly fish, japanese cucumber, tomatoes, crackers and some vege. A very healthy choice if you prefer something light.
~~ Love it ~~

Salmon sushi - must order also
I heart SALMON!!!


Unagi sushi
See how thick the unagi is.....

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen
I like the soft boiled egg, the egg yolk is like calling you to eat it!
I didn't try this cos was so full with all the sushis....

Tempura Ramen
Same ramen like the chick teriyaki but was substituted with ebi tempura

Ninja Maki
I wonder why is it called like that...we can become ninja after eating this? haha....

Tempura Udon
I felt that it was very plain....

Mango Spider Roll, if i remember the name clearly
Soft shell crab maki with mango slices on sinful!
Tanginess of mango paired with the delicious maki...thumbs up!
I want more!
Ooohhh....what a delightful lunch, with 7 of them who were funny and hilarious. We will miss the fun time of hanging out together. All the best in your future undertaking, dear Jo and Mei Kean!

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  1. i bet their sushi is always the best choice for me too ... but expansive ohh ..