Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Delicious...

It is Tracy's birthday today so we decided to buy her birthday lunch. Cracking head where to go for lunch and we finally decided to have a Delicious lunch....Many of us have heard of it before but never try the food (including me who never try their main course) so we think this restaurant would be a rather good choice.

We headed to the restaurant at Marc Service Residence which is just a mere less than 5 minutes of the journey from our office....

Clear distinguish between smoking area and non smoking area

The ambience of the restaurant and it was packed during lunch. Luckily we made prior reservation...

Difficult task again ><

B'day girl on the left...

Some photo snapping before our meals arrived....

Let's get some Delicious stuff!!

Mediterranean Chicken Salad with Balsamic Leaves - RM22.90
consist of chunks of chicken, balsamic leaves, onions, nuts, cucumber, pepper, garnished with olive oil...
did not put high expectation on this dish but it turned out to be awesomely fresh and Delicious! I just love the feeling of eating the mix of fresh stuff together with the olive oil...phew~~~

Macchiato - RM7.90

Tall Latte - RM9.90
Very nicely done...

Frosty Lemon Tea - RM9.90
Homemade Ginger Beer - RM8.90
I had high expectation on the ginger beer since it stated as homemade, but it turned out to be a lil disappointing. I didnt really feel the taste of ginger. And you could imagine i didn't finish it...

Hot Honey Lemon Tea - RM5.90
I like the way they separate the honey so we can choose the level of sweetness

Wow! The sotong is calling you!
Spicy Seafood Spaghetti - RM24.90
Ju has finished it so i guess it tasted not bad

Duck Confit Pasta - RM24.90
Well above our expectation. Generous chunks of duck confit. We noticed that they put in some dried chillis so the taste is a bit fiery though...

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM22.90
Beth's said this is her favourite. No complain from her so i guess it was OK...

My order - Smoked Salmon Angelhair Pasta - RM26.90
Can you see the caviar garnished on top? ^_^
If you see something that consist of 2 of your favourite food in one course, would you order it? Well, i would....
I love angelhair pasta cos it is slightly tiny compared to spaghetti, and it goes well with the smoked salmon. And i love salmon cos it is rich in omega and not fattening...
Overall, i was satisfied with this dish...

Cheese Macaroni - RM21.90
Didn't get to try out this but i heard it's rich in cheese. So sinful!

Fish & Chips - RM28.90
Comes in 3 pieces and some tartar sauce.
Some of them couldn't finish it though..haha

Let's go for some desserts. Have heard of their sinfully Delicious desserts before so we headed to the cake counter to choose...

My eyes drooling lo....duno when i can i finish trying all of it @_@

B'day girl with her cakes...

Tiramisu - RM12.90
I always love tiramisu served in a glass. Still prefer those with some alcohol dash...hehe

Sam strongly recommended this
Mango Cheesecake - RM12.90
Very damn rich of mango flavours and it is definitely a good choice for mango lovers...and the mango taste has somehow covered the rich cheese flavour and i found it yummy!

~ B'day girl with her JiMuis ~

Hmm..i would love to try out their hi-tea set. Anyone interested?

They have some kind of promo where we only need to drop our name card. I guess they will just do lucky draw. See my card? Pray hard for me so i will tag you along if i get chosen! Haha....

Overall it was a good lunch session in a very nice environment. We were seated at the long sofas. I think i would visit there again for some lazy afternoon tea time.....
Let's Delicious? ^_^

Add: The Delicious, Marc Service Residence, Jalan Pinang
Tel: 03-2166 9099 / 2166 7099
Parking: Park at the Residence visitor's parking located at lower ground floor.


  1. damn...i see my favourite cheesecake... and mango @*@

  2. hehe, my favourite food is Smoked Salmon Angelhair Pasta which with salty smoked salmon, yum yum.