Monday, April 20, 2009

Red bean paste, anyone?

Hi all....time for some dessert cooking again. It has been long since i boil red bean paste so this was my weekend "masak-masak" some nice red bean from hometown so why not make it a lovely dessert?
What i had was a small bowl of red bean, soaked. Drained, and put into the rice cooker. Excuse me? Rice cooker?'s rice cooker. For convenience sake, i always use rice cooker to boil this red bean paste. Save the hassle of watching the fire on stove if i cook using normal pot. Moreover, the soup will taste better in rice cooker since it is slow-cooked, the aroma of the red bean is just marvellous......

Let it slow cook by itself, and dump some rock sugar according to your liking, and also some sago. Normally i cook for about 2.5 - 3 the way you need to stir it frequently to avoid the red bean from sticking inside the pot.

~~The result~~
FYI i like to put generous amount of ingredients in my cooking cos i feel since it's home-cooked, might as well treat ourself nicer and make it taste better, compared to shops outside who are very "kiamsiap" and very reluctantly putting enough portion of ingredients.
That's why maybe you can see that the red bean paste is very thick, the way i like it!
But i know some people don't like it this way @_@

Steamingly hot....yum yum
My mug of red bean paste - my dinner ^_^
I think red bean paste is the easiest dessert that one can cook at home. Just dump everything inside the pot and let it boil. Oh ya, you can add some dried mandarin orange skin to let it more fragrant. Too bad i don't have it at home.....

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