Monday, April 20, 2009

Awesome pot

I the price of RM138, can you find something like this in KL?

Blur photo? No idea what is that? See this again....

This is called 海味盆菜 "Pun-Choy". But it is not the usual Pun-Choy that we expect like what i have tried before in Hong Kong. For usual Pun-Choy, we can find stuff like seafood-eg. prawns, meats-eg.chicken,pork, trotter, and vegetables, stacked neatly from bottom to the top. For the above, we found stuff like these:-

  • mushroom
  • goose feet
  • dried scallop
  • abalone slices
  • baby abalone
  • dried oyster
  • fish maw
  • sea cucumber
  • lotus root
  • bamboo shoot
  • brocolli

Does it sound expensive to you? The big pot can actually feed many people, but we, comprised of 7 pax managed to wallop all...haha...and i have not tell you there were other dishes that we ordered for the dinner. By the way, it was my dad's birthday celebration, so we decided to order such a "luxury" dish....

Drooling @_@ I want more!


Given the generous amount of seafood delicacies, the gravy is awesomely delicious! Very sweet and got the "kick"!

The birthday was celebrated in a chinese restaurant at my hometown - Fu Man Restaurant. The Pun Choy above cost only RM138, and i don't think we can find any similar in KL area. Expect to pay more than RM250 per pot for servings in KL restaurant. FYI, there are folks coming down from KL to Tg. Malim purposely to visit this restaurant, especially since they were published in local chinese newspaper. They have a few famous delicacies, which i will post if i got to savour those again =)

By the way, I did not snap any photo for other dishes cos my dad mumbled at me of taking photos while eating! Hah! ^_^

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