Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sakae Sushi @ KLCC

Craved for jap food today so we went to Sakae Sushi at KLCC for lunch. Previous location of Sakae housed Genki Sushi which was a hit many years back when the sushi restaurant has not start mushrooming in KL. I realised many (maybe all?) Genki Sushi outlet has been taken over by Sakae Sushi. Not sure whether it is only a change in brand name or it is really a take over....none of my business also...haha...

Back to the restaurant and the food....

Similar to most jap sushis restaurant, you can pick your sushis from the conveyor belt. Sakae Sushi has an extensive list of menus too and you can choose many varieties of jap foods from the menu. You can either make orders to the waiter, or click on the screens next to your table! So convenient! You know sometimes it's very irritating if you keep waving your hands hoping the waiter to see you and attend to you, but end up sometimes they either are too busy or just pretend dont see you! I found this concept is good for customers....

~ Price list for sushis ~

Macha - RM2. A bit pricy, since it is only a tea bag.
My "Must order" in each jap restaurant visit -
Soft shell crab Temaki - RM3.90.
Thumbs up for the temaki!

free flow of favourite!

I still find the Inari from Genki the best....

If i not mistaken, this is called Hana Maki
You really should try this. I just loved the idea of combining mayonnaise with the salmon sushi together and the result? Another thumbs up!

Not too disappointed

Fresh salmon
4 thick slices
Very refreshing....

Baby Octopus...real disappointed!!!
i just don't like the sauce...taste so fake!
The one served in Mizi Shabu taste better than this....

Salmon sushi...nothing extraordinary
My "Must order" also...hehe....

Unagi and Tempura Bento - RM24.90
Very filling.....

This was the 1st time i found a jap restaurant serving some condiments on top of the rice. It was some flaky stuff which i do not know what but the taste is real good!

I am totally in love with their tender and yummylicious!

I only took the vege tempura which i felt terrible.
Bro took the Ebi Tempura and he enjoyed it...

This is nice! Soft like taufoofa...

Total damage - RM73.70 after tax

Sakae Sushi has many outlets in the shopping malls around KL and PJ area. The branches cover 1 Utama, Pavillion, Pyramid and even Penang. This was actually not the 1st time i visited them. I found that the quality of the food is not consistent during my each visit...i wonder why....

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