Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fish head noodle @ Jalan Kuchai Lama

It was a super crazy hot Saturday! It made me feel headache for whole day...the sun was smiling so brightly and happily, but we were suffering down under it!
And coupled by what we had for lunch that day, we sweated a lot! Fuyoh....cannot tahan la like we ended up staying home enjoying the air cond after the lunch...haha..
We were nearby Kuchai Lama on Saturday, and we decided to visit Kuchai Lama famous Fish Head noodle. I had long been hearing about the goodness of the fish head noodle in Kuchai Lama but never had the chance to try it out. So i was extremely excited!
So here we were....

WAIT! I don't think this the famous fish head noodle shop that all floggers have been visiting. I have only heard about Goon Wah in Kuchai Lama, which served the dish in a claypot. But what i saw here were individual bowls served to each patron. Never mind...bro said this place is full with customers and that proves the foods served are not bad why not try it?

Taken while we were waiting outside the shop. Full house!

A variety of noodles and snack to choose from, and the star must be the fish head noodle.

Snack we ordered - Otak Otak - RM5.80
Otak-otak wrapped in pandan leaves, wonderful. I just can't get enough of this petite snack! The otak-otak taste flavourful with the aroma of fish and the spices, can beat the original from Muar....



Fish head noodle - RM7.50
Best description? Awesome!
Thick chunk of fried fish head, creamy and sweet soup, feel of tanginess of the generous amount of preserved vegetables added in, with the right amount of beehoon.
The first sip of soup i tasted, i totally melt with it. I wonder what is their secret recipe that made the soup so sweet. Must be the generous amount of ingredients that made it so flavourful.
The fried fish head is neither hard nor dry, it was fried till golden brown and yet the fish meat is still very soft and tender.....

I just can't get enough of this...too delicious, although i know there is lotsa MSG added in but who cares! Looking at the picture made me wanna visit there again soon...very soon....
O dear....the soup is smooth and silky as white silk...haha...
My stomach was bloated with the soup..i wish i can cook up to this perfection =)

Another type of fish head noodle - Fresh Water Prawn with Fish head noodle - RM13.80

Same kind of fish head noodle but fresh water prawn was added in. The soup clearly has a hint of the prawn taste, which made it more yummylicious. There is only one fresh water prawn but cut into half, and we gotta pay additional RM6 just for it. Worth it? You make the decision, but it is definitely a very good try...

Winson Cafe
46, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7981 9287

There were many more customers waited for seat when we left around 1.45 pm. So i guess it has earned some kind of reputation. RM 7.50 for a bowl of fish head noodle is affordable for me, and i think it is worth the price....well i am definitely a die hard fan of fish head noodle anyway...


  1. Have u try the tmn desa Pulau Ketam is about tat good than this one.

  2. OIC, i should go for Old Klang Road food tour one day since it has so many good eateries!