Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dinner at home

It has been long since i cook a proper dinner at home. I suddenly feel like doing it today. Probably it was the fact that we were running out of idea what to eat outsie for dinner, so might as well eat at home...healthier eh....
Went to supermarket for some groceries and got something to cook. Let's see what are the dishes.....

~~ Stir fry prawn with mix vege ~~
Got some medium tiger prawns, stir fry until it is cooked and put aside.
Fry the shallots, and add the vege: capsicum, carrot, onions, tomato.
Add in tomato sauce and some water. Let it simmers.
Put the prawns and stir fry together.
Finally, i added a beaten egg, just to get the stick gravy that i like....and yes, the gravy is well eaten together with rice or even dry noodles....just the way i like it...

~~ Pan fried salmon fish ~~
I was happy as it was fried until golden colour...looks tempting ^_^
FYI, fish needs to be fried at a slow fire. Otherwise, the fish will turn hard and may not cooked inside.
My salmon fish turned out to be pretty well done...hehe....

~~ Fried bayam ~~
Got the vege from Carrefour....and do you belive the whole chunk of bayam cost me only 40 cents!
Definitely a good buy!

Satisfying meal? I would think so, since no one complaining...haha....
It's my passion to cook whenever i am free at home. I enjoy the cooking process very much. Maybe i am the type of person who fancy healthier food, and home-cooked food is definitely healthier than outsides......
Girls, let's share our cooking experience ya *_^

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