Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In love wif Shabu...

Steamboat is one of my favourite indulgence (err...why use this term ah?), cos i get to eat a lot of veggies and mushrooms cooked in the simplest and healthiest manner. I have a few favourite steamboat restaurants and one of it is Shabu Shabu Restaurant ("ShabuShabu") located at Puchong, Bandar Puteri to be exact. I always feel that Puchong folks are very lucky as the area is surrounded by many nice and famous eateries, all within the neighbourhood itself.
ShabuShabu is the sister restaurant of Mizi Shabu Shabu located at Bdr Puteri as well (the other side, near Bumbu Bali). Mizi serves the steamboat in set while this one is in buffet style. Thats why you can see this:

See the crowd? There are more standing outside the entrance. Not sure whether Malaysians are also kiasu. People tend to flock to places with long queue.

This is not the 1st time i visited ShabuShabu. I am totally hooked on it. Many of my friends are too. Why? Let's find out:-
Buffet is served on conveyor belt, like what we usually see in Jap restaurant serving sushis. We can just grab anything that we like, irrespective of the no. of times. You don't need to bother whether there is anyone staring at you cos everyone is busy grabbing and eating...

Everyone has their personal pot and cutlery. Very hygienic!

Look at the stacks of plates. FYI, the foods are served in a very small portion on each plate so you can get to taste all without the fear of getting full before you finish trying.

See, they have OCTOPUS!! My favourite!! Not bad somemore leh...

Pork slices. Refillable as many times as you wish...

After satisfying meal...BuRppp!

They have a simple process b4 you can go into the restaurant:

- pay at counter @ RM26.50 per person (Adult) or RM15.75 (Child). If you are unsure whether your kids are still entitle for the Child price, they have an area for measurement la....so you can't cheat.

- after paid, you can go in liao. Present the ticket to waiters in the steamboat area. You can actually refund the tickets within 15 minutes of issuance.

- b4 start feasting, read the instructions carefully, especially for parents bringing kids around.

- start indulging!!

Information of the restaurant as follows. They are visited by Ho Jiak of 8TV before :-) Sorry the pict a bit blur. Maybe too hungry that's why hand shaking...lol....

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