Sunday, March 29, 2009

What can you do with RM50 nowadays?

RM50 nowadays may do the following:
  1. buy a good CD, original CD
  2. good chinese "tai-chow" meal for 2-3 pax
  3. an entree of good steak
  4. lunches for 5 days for an executive
  5. not even a full tank of petrol for a car
  6. a piece of nice dress for ladies
  7. etc etc etc....

While we may consider RM50 as "big" or "small", depending on the spending style of each individual, this amount of money may used to feed a child in rural area and 3rd world country. I have heard of many people mumbling of not enough money to spend, not enough money to pay for a lunch meal....but they still have "EXTRA" money to buy branded stuff. I really do not understand what were in their mind....Maybe i am not as classy as them but i do think we don't need to spend money on unnecessary stuff, especially during current economic situation. Yes it is true that we need to spend to help the economy. But, i really hope those people can think of what is happening around the world first before they start grumbling what they are "short" of ...

The reason on why i mumble on the above was due to the fact that people around me do not seem to be interested in Child Sponsorship. So far, there are only 2 ladies who initiated this move which i know of. The rest, they are either giving no response on what i explained; simply answer me as if entertaining me; and mumbling that they themselves have not enough money to spend so how to sponsor a child?? GgRrrrrrr!!! Geramnya >.<

C'mon la...if you can buy branded stuff, can spend > RM10 for a lunch meal everyday, can buy a good CD, can fill up your car petrol every week.....i seriously do not understand why you cannot fork out RM50 per month just to help a child. To help those children in need. To help those children in that so hard for you to initiate it?
By the way, i am not endorsed to promote any of the child sponsorship programme. I get nothing by writing so much here. It is only my own thought on human's behaviour. I know different people has different character. I am doing my best to help the needy only.

Let me give you some brief intro to the Child Sponsorship which i am involved in.



" World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Inspired by our Christian values, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world's most vulnerable people. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.World Vision helps the poor to help themselves, working with them to build sustainable futures for their children, families and communities through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice."
World Vision Malaysia (WVM) began in 1997 as a Support Office with the aim of raising funds for and awareness of needy children and communities overseas. Among them which WVM is supporting are:
- Bati, Cambodia
- Yongsheng, Xinjiang and Hebei, China
- Coimbatore, India
- Singkawang, Indonesia
- Marjeyoun, Lebanon
- Nalaikh, Mongolia
- Mya Nanda, Myanmar
- Thusalushaka, South Africa
- Kuan Niang, Prai Burng, Kapur, and Mae Sariang, Thailand
Funds for these communities are obtained via several channels, the key ones of which are:
- World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme
- World Vision 30-Hour Famine

I have been part of WVM since year 2007, contributing merely RM50 per month. I know i have not been helping physically towards this programme but it is better than none. You are able to choose which country of children that you would like to sponsor, as well as the gender of the child. Once you signed up for this programme, WVM will send the profile of the child that you have chosen. You will get the annual progress report from WVM on the development of the sponsored child. They will also arranged the child to write to you, in their specified format.
It is a relieve to see the child that you sponsored to be in good health and condition, although you may not know how the RM50 could help. My sponsored child is now at secondary school though...and nearly as tall as me...



" SHELTER is a registered, voluntary welfare organization for children and teenagers who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. Guided by the vision to give children at risk a childhood and future by protecting, guiding and healing them, and by building strong communities and loving families, Shelter’s services and initiatives are aimed at:
- Providing care for children at risk through our residential homes, counselling, therapy and other services
- Proactively raising public awareness on child abuse, child protection, parenting and youth issues, and equipping individuals with relevant skills to detect signs of abuse and to take action.
Individual donors or organizations may get more personally involved with Shelter by sponsoring a child. It costs at least RM600.00 per month to maintain a child in Shelter. Sponsors may contribute the full sum or part of it.
This amount will help pay for the following: -
- Food, and living expenses
- Personal clothing and medical fees
- Pocket money and other needs
- School fees, books, fees, tuition, uniforms, transport
Donors will receive yearly updates of the child."
I have just joined this recently, contributing RM100 per month. The volunteer in Shelter has taken the liberty to personally call me after i e-mailed them the form, confirming on the intention of sponsorship, and also explaining in detail to me on the situation of the Home and Children. Compared to WVM, you cannot choose the gender and race of the children. This is to avoid any unfair or discrimination issue.
Similar to WVM, you will be provided with the profile of the child sponsored and the details of the sponsorship programme. The volunteer has strongly suggest me to visit them if time permits. Well, there will definitely be a time for this in near future......

After reading such a long post, what do you have in mind? Feel free to comment on this and i am looking forward to you being part of any child sponsorship or charity, not restricting to only WVM and Shelter.....

~~~ Believe in yourself that, you can make a difference ~~~


  1. yes, i found it meaningful too, but I already have a fixed monthly subscription to a orphanage house if not I will join the plan as well. well done, jia you jamie

  2. Hi Nickson: glad you are doin your part for the community. let's jia you together ya :-)

  3. aaw...that's so sweet!