Friday, March 27, 2009

Hong Kong Miu-Kai Restaurant

Note: the photos for this post were taken using my phone, so it was a bit blur and not nice so please bear with it la...hehe..tqtq...

Remember i went to A-Mei concert last Friday? Before headed there, me and bros had early dinner at Hong Kong Miu-Kai Restaurant @ Sri Petaling. We always frequent this restaurant if we are at Sri Petaling. Good food, cosy place, and speedy service too...

HK Style Ice Milk Tea - RM2.80
Mix fruit punch wif lemon - RM4.80
No comment by bro on the milk tea so i guess it's average. But i do have big comment on the fruit punch! Absolutely.......disappointed! Canned fruit were used and mix together with lemon juice. WTH! I think i can prepare a much more better one than them. Considering the price, i think better opt for milk tea instead...

HK Polo bun with custard filling - RM1.60
This was unexpectedly delicious. The custard filling just melted in my mouth together with the fluffy bun. Perfect!
FYI, this restaurant do sell HK pastry like egg tart, wife biscuit and etc. Do give the egg tart a try, it is yummy when i tried previously.

MiuKai Fried Rice - RM7.80

The rice was fried together with some seafood and beans.

Their specialty, Braised Beef Brisket
招牌汕头牛白腩煲- RM15.80
I'm not a fan of beef brisket so i found it so-so. But it was quite ok to be eaten together with the fried rice...

Prawn SuiKow in soup - RM6.80
I noticed i always order this in each visit..haha
it was firmly stuffed with pork and fish paste and very ho jiak!

HK style wanton mee - RM6.80
Mind you, it's comparable to the Canton-i wanton mee o
Bro also always order this in each visit =.=

Total damage - RM53.14

Add: 39 & 41, Ground Floor,Jalan Radin Anum,
Seri Petaling,57000, Kuala Lumpur.
Opposite Sri Petaling Kam Lun Tai Restaurant
Tel : 03-9056 2122


  1. you shall get a better camera since you like to take food photo... a better camera real gives you the nice effect on focusing those food damn clearly ya my friend =p

  2. aiya..i did not take my camera along during this trip. that's y the pict not nice lo. am thinking to get a good camera but not now la... recession ah... :p