Sunday, March 29, 2009


Craved for some desserts on Sunday night. So we went to The Fruitti Stall @ Kepong. I bet many of you have known 记得吃 desserts shop for quite some time since it has been in business for many years. They have a few outlets in KL, and the most crowded one in Imbi has moved to Low Yat Plaza. I once visited the one in Low Yat and the crowd seems to be lesser. I think it is because of inconvenience in finding parking.

One funny view for the stall in Kepong...

there is one giant tree tucked in between this stall. funny ^_^

i ordered shark fin soup @_@
it is actually water chestnut tong sui which has some egg starchy inside. taste not bad though.
i initially wanted to eat the black sesame but was told that they do not sell on weekend. i thought weekend is suppose to have better business??? =.='''

my all time favourite - 皮蛋瘦肉粥 - RM2.40
i love it for being sticky and loaded with generous portion of meat and the century egg

红豆捞 Red Bean Sago Ice - RM4.50
i tried this once in previous visit and found it so-so only. nothing extraordinary.

fish fillet - RM4.70
it sucks -_-'''
it is just like fish paste and some other ingredients crumbled together and being fried without using proper recipe...

crabmeat taufu - crispy outside and soft inside. a good try

chinese pizza - RM3.50
绣球 - RM3.70
i never like these 2 side dishes but anyway not ordered by me....haha...
i found it plain and not worth the price

crabs shell stuffed with meat paste - RM3.50 each
nothing to shout about. just some meat paste stuffed in the crab shell. i think they mix some crab meat too. anyway, it taste ok...

pan fried dumpling - RM8.00 for 8 pieces
the dumpling is pan fried until crispy and should be eaten while it's hot. if not, the taste will make you disappointed

花生糊 - Peanut butter - RM2.00
very creamy but i felt it very sweet. the peanut taste is not as strong as to my liking

There are many other types of tong sui available, i think the price is standard @ RM2 each. They offer some double-boiled dessert and some chinese pastries as well. Since we have not seen many quality desserts shop around Kepong, this stall is definitely a good choice. Mind you, they are quite packed on the nights of weekend....

Add: 66, Jalan 7, Kepong Baru, 52100 KL.


  1. wow the 红豆捞!!! kidnap me when you go there again ok?

  2. next time you come KL then we shall meet and i bring you to KL food trail...haha...