Friday, March 27, 2009

It's time for some 24 herbs...

Any idea what the heck is this???
I coughed a bit during the past few days. Since i was with ManMan around Imbi yesterday having the superb yummy lunch, i decided to buy some herbal tea from the nearby herbal tea shop aka 凉茶铺. It is just located few shops away from the 7-11 which i explained in the earlier post.
You should have known the above is not "5 flowers tea 五花茶" since this flower tea should be yellowish in colour. What i bought is "24 herbs 二四味". It is super black in colour, and super duper bitter! Many of the people that i know do not dare to take this due to the taste. But for me, i like it very much, despite the bitterness.

24 herbs are specially selected from 24 herbs with scientific process. It is the ideal tea to drink during the flu season. It is said to be able to enrich vital energy, clean away internal heat, eliminating dampness and heat, cooling and refreshing to the system for influenza, fever, poor appetite, strengthening of body and improves general resistance.

It is also suitable for everybody as a health daily drink.

If that's not enough to convince you, consider this list of conditions this tea soothes:
Cold and cough, fever and headache, eruptive disease, tiredness, infantile summer fever, pathogenic dryness and heat in combination, and constipation, eliminating dampness and heat, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, abdominal dissension, lack of physical strength, dizziness, pimples acne...

Despite the taste, I like this tea. I feel better when I drink it. I used it the last time I caught a flu and coughed non stop and it did the trick — a far better alternative than running to the doctor, who are more often than not will reach for the prescription pad to dole out useless antibiotics.

It is a traditional herbal tea shop, which sells a variety of herbal teas and GuiLingGao.
Never have the chance to try the GuiLingGao, but i heard from ManMan that it taste not bad.
Will try it next time then...

the herbal tea is sold in a bottle for take-away.
noticed they have a price list on the wall too.

BEWARE! They warn you on the bitterness of the herbal tea so do think twice before you order!

I heard that this shop has been established for many years.
I never know the existence of this shop until i frequent the area for lunch.
It is indeed a bit hidden in Imbi...

They suggested me to take the chinese medicine together with the herbal tea.
And all it cost is RM11.
Guess what, i feel absolutely alright now!

I always choose chinese prescription to cure illness, compared to seeing doctor. I don't like the feeling of swallowing chemical-based medicine and imagine it hiding in my body for many years. I just hate it...and i just love herbal tea!

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