Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is official. I finally blog ;)

After periods of reading blogs, comments on blogs, inspired by bloggers, bla bla i am. FINALLY.

I have been eagerly wanted to start blogging for long but never take any action. Until today when the plan to sign up on blogpot finally strikes. Must be all the recent gloomy weather and moody mood.....I have always wanted to blog. Well, why? The reason is none other than:-
  • pen down my feelings.
  • i am sometimes forgetful. what if i need to read my own blog to refresh my own memory?
  • share my happiness.
  • express my opinion.
  • too free????

Any of the reason above will lead you to understand Mie more. Hmm...what is the 2nd blog entry that i should post after this 1st blog intro? Too many that i want to share, on my experiences, etc etc etc over the past years. Will blog about it 1 by patient...hehe...

Still not used to all the blogging gadgets yet. Guess i need some time to play around with it...

That's all for the 1st post. Stay tune for more.....

Cheerzzzz for a good start! ^_*


  1. hehe..thx Cecilia. we should sit down and share our blogging experience someday :-)

  2. welcome to the blogging world!!
    blog more comment more....