Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rakuzen @ Chulan Square

It was boss JC b'day on 4th March 2009. It was another headache to organise such event cos it's a bit hard to think where to eat, especially it was for a lunch event. Nevertheless, i decided to make reservation at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square for 21 pax of us. Why?
  • near our office
  • good quality of Jap food
  • Boss JC is watching his food intake nowadays. Considering him only having sandwich for lunch, i decided to choose something healthy

Difficult task again. So many set lunches to choose from .......

With Boss JC

Seated as if we were having management

We were arranged to sit in Tatami room. Their biggest Tatami room only can seat 10 pax. Luckily the 2 rooms can be linked together...
Tempura Udon wif Soft Shell Crab Maki
Chicken Katsu Don
Unagi Zen
I tried their Unagi before in previous visit. Not bad uh... and i love their chawanmushi too...smooth texture like taufoofah
Soft Shell Crab set

My Beef Sukiyaki Zen...very filling eh...the soup was super duper sweet. Not sure was due to the shoyu added in or their own secret recipe...
They truly enjoyed the food

Rakuzen is packed with business people during lunch hour but still, we could enjoy the food without much interruption.

Block B, Lot 2A, Chulan Square
92 Jalan Raja Chulan, KL
Tel: 03 2145 6200
A little bit of surprise for the b'day boy....he was giggling :p

FYI, the cake was from Secret Recipe, Sugar Free Chocolate Moist Cake. If you do not need to watch your diet, i suggest you not to buy this cake. You would just not get used to the flavour of the cake. I feel it was tasteless...

As usual, cake cutter @_@
~~~~ Merry Merry B'day, Boss JC ~~~~

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