Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blog experience....

I guess people who is close to me knows that i love to eat, and love to search for food and new places to eat. But too bad, sometimes i'm unable to try out new restaurants due to no food buddy around. I had one previously, who was willingly to drive around no matter how far the place is, just to sample nice foods. Well he is also a food hunter indeed.

Oh well....that was history. Now, i can only try out new restaurant whenever there is any gathering or birthday party kind of occasions. Sad, huh? To minimise the sadness, i used to follow the blogs of a few floggers (the abbreviations for "food bloggers"). After some time, something clicks on my mind. Why not i BLOG myself instead? Not only i can blog on foods, i can also blog on everything about myself and people around me. I think that would be fun!!

I have friends who blog too. Like Cecilia, Hong Seek, Chiah.....errr....that's all i know. Maybe i need to search again on my list of friends who is blogging so that we can share the blogging experience...hehe....

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