Monday, March 30, 2009

Get well soon!

Many people around me were sick recently. My colleagues are all working tirelessly and at the end, got sick. Minor sick like cough/flu and major illness like fever etc, i think everyone in office is suffering at this point in time. Also, many have not enough sleep due to work commitment and deadlines to be met.
Hmm...i think i'm unable to help other than advising them to drink more water and eat healthier. That's what i have been practising all this while and thank god i seldom get sick (the monthly PMS does not count ah!). Exercise is very vital too. Sometimes if i feel im getting sick soon, i will go to gym for some workout and i will feel better....
I have a friend who has just recovered from flu and he was ok on last Saturday. But comes to Sunday, he told me that he caught food poisoning + allergy. Possibility of the effect of touching dust mites since he is a mechanical engineer. His body was itchy and he could not scratch it in the fear of getting scars. Pity of him, right? He is like getting 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 kind of illness at the same time. He told me he's going for work today. Wondering whether he can suffer the itchyness while working or not @_@
Nevertheless, i do hope he is OK and listen to doctor's advice. There is nothing much that i could help. S, i hope you get well soon....

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  1. yeah do more exercises... drink more water =)