Saturday, March 21, 2009

Memoirs of HongKong cuisine in Canton-i

Some of you may know that i have been travelling to HongKong at least once a year during the past few years, be it for business trip or holiday purposes. HongKong being a metropolitan city is not only a shopping paradise, it is also a gourmet paradise! I always fancy HongKong cuisine, maybe the taste of the cuisine is very close to our local cooking method. There are many HongKong charchanteng or restaurant in KL, and i have been visiting a few too, but i found that i am always looking forward visiting Canton-i......
Canton-i is run by the same people who brought us the Dragon-i chain, same ownership, same management. Dragon-i concentrates on Shanghai cuisine while Canton-i is in HongKong food.
Was at Midvalley yesterday to watch a movie. We made decision to have lunch at Canton-i. This was my 3rd visit to Canton-i, previous 2 were at One Utama outlet. There was still a queue even though it was already 2.30 pm. The restaurant was crowded we gotta wait outside...

They really made an effort on every details. The waiting chit has got its design somemore!

Open kitchen made transparent for viewing, just like those in HongKong.
I think it's their strategy to attract customers
Some pastry being displayed and available for take-away.
Tried this in my 1st visit last time. Their signature tart. Taste OK, not too sweet.

The menu obviously shows the HongKong feel

Are you ready? Let's eat!

港式奶茶 HongKong Milk Tea, Hot/Cold. RM5.50 each.
Way a bit expensive compared to other charchanteng, as they are using imported Black and White evaporated milk from HongKong.
The milk tea is milky! I think Mr Sim would love this!

港式鲜虾云吞面 Hong Kong Signature Prawn Wonton Noodle (Dry)
RM10 - RM13 (I forgotten the exact price la...)
This is really almost the same with HongKong. I only heart the wonton and not the noodle when i eat in HongKong. Here is the same. Maybe i am used to local wonton mee. But you must try the wonton. Simply delicious and awesome!

Do you see the succulent shrimp? A nice wonton must contain approx 70% of shrimp and the balance is the paste. Definitely different compared to our local wonton...

冰镇波萝包 Polo Bun with butter (RM 4)
I had high expectation only left to a big disappointment. The bun is a bit hard. Not sure whether it was fresh made daily. But taste ok, especially after the butter is melt and eaten together...fuyoh!
香煎XO浆肠粉 Pan fried CheeCheongFun with XO sauce
A bit salty to my liking, maybe due to the accompanied sauce.Worth a try since i never see this in other restaurant...
And the star of the lunch....
3 combinations of roasts - BBQ pork 叉烧 , Roasted duck 烧鸭, Roasted pork 烧肉
Juicy and tender, can compete with Meng Kee oo... 各有千秋 la...

Crispy skin, melted in the mouth...
This is normal. Nothing extraordinary to shout about. Local one tastes better...

What a heavy late lunch! But we enjoyed it.... *_^


Address:LG 202 & 203A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Gardens. Tel: 03-2284 6888

Address:G-208, Second Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Tel: 03-7729 7888

They are opening outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Saw this when we made the payment. Does it look like abalone to you????


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