Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can you find Sate Kajang @ Sungai Buloh???

I am from Behrang Station ("BS"), a very very small town in Perak, just an hour journey from KL. If you do not know where BS is, well it is just a 10 minutes drive from Tanjong Malim, a small town where it is famous with Yik Mun paus.

Since staying in KL for so many years, i used to go home twice a month, or at least once a month (sometimes due to workload and also some activities in KL). FYI, i use the NKVE highway to go home, and the Jalan Duta entrance is only a mere 5 minutes from my condo where i stay...hehe....near leh!

We will definitely pass by Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh everytime we travel home. What do they have at the Jejantas? KFC, Burger King, and some small eatery shops. On the recent trip back home, me and my 2 brothers decided to have lunch at the Jejantas, where we finally chose to eat Sate Kajang there. YES, you hear me right. We ate Sate Kajang at Sungai Buloh....highway somemore ;)

I have friends from Kajang, eg Shi How, Jin Eng, Gek Suan, Melvin.....and i have also tasted the original Sate Kajang in Kajang itself. I think the food is best eaten at its origin place. This is not the 1st time we eaten at the Jejantas for this Sate Kajang. We felt that the Sate is quite nice, so we came back for more.

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri has open many branches in KL so we do not need to travel down to Kajang just for the sake of it....

The peanut dip sauce which was served in a big bowl and the chilli in a separate bowl so that you can adjust the taste to your liking. Cucumber was served free, but the Ketupat costs RM0.60 each.

We ordered chicken and venison sate, which costs RM0.60 and RM1.30 per stick, respectively. The chicken sate is quite juicy to my liking, but the venison sate is dissapointed! We were like eating chewing hard to chew. Definitely cannot be served to my dad ;)

Overall, i think the sate is OK. They have other meats as well eg. beef, mutton, beef tripe, and even rabbit. Hmm, i do not dare to eat rabbit yet lo....

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