Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby's Full Moon

Time really flies, yesterday was Baby HuiSi full moon...

~~~ Dad and mom is proud of u o ~~~

But you were so naughty in yesterday's dinner oh....see...we have evidence =)

Not only u were naughty, u were also CUTE!


Baby really grow fast. Their face is totally different compared to my previous post. The gap of the photos taken are only merely 2 weeks!
There was a simple ceremony in the morning but no photos taken cos i only took 1/2 day leave and only went to the dinner. But i had these:

Mom prepared some 红鸡蛋 and some Angku distributed to relatives and neighbours.

Purposely asked mom to keep some for us. The angku very very nice leh! I like the coconut filling angku very much, compared to those normal bean paste angku. I think those kuihs made from small town is much more nicer...maybe got 人情味...haha...

This is also another must have item on full moon, wine chicken. I was the one finished it to the last drop. Do you know i really really really love wine chicken? Maybe now u know....scared i will become alcoholic someday though :-)

So we had a full moon dinner with some relatives and close friends of my parents. Not forgeting:

Lee Jiun wif Lee Leng
Jiun just came back from Bangkok solo travel. Jealous la!

Lee Leng wif Lee Wei
Wei just came back from beautiful Sg Lembing trip. Also jealous!


  1. 哈哈哈 now only i noticed, you are quite tall...yet shorter than me few milimetres right?? =)

  2. if u say yes, then yes lo =.=

  3. Just because she was standing next to me! Yeah, LL is quite tall (but consider average in our high school group :P)