Monday, March 30, 2009

~~ Queen 女人我最大 ~~

Recently bought a copy of newly launched magazine "Queen" - 女人我最大. This mag has been first published in Taiwan on Nov 2005 and expanded its network into Malaysia on January 2009. The copy that i bought was either 1st or 2nd issue published.

Buying this mag does not come cheap. It cost RM15 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM17 in East Malaysia. It is definitely more expensive compared to other local based mag like Female and Citta Bella which cost around RM8 each. However, this mag is issued once in 2 months so RM15 per mag is considered ok la...although it may not be affordable for some people.
However, if you have not try reading this mag, i may suggest you to do so. Ladies, this mag is very well packed with a lot of good info for us ladies. It provides detail step-by-step instructions on some beauty tips like make-up, hairdo, skin care and etc. Similar to other female mags, it also provides latest fashion trends and fashion tips.
Some of you may have known that there is a popular beauty show in Taiwan called 女人我最大 hosted by popular artist 蓝心媚, and they do invite well known stylists to provide advice in the show itself. I am not sure whether this mag and the show comes from the same company but the stylist in the show and the advisors in the magazine are the same person. Well, u make the judge yourself....

I bought a copy of this mag when i visited Taiwan in last December at TWD 180. The price offered here is comparable though...

Happy reading...

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  1. Queen magazine summer issue 2011 @ rm 8
    Queen magazine autumn issue 2011 @ rm 10

    buy online cheaper???

    Hope this helped.