Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I tell you what...she ROCKS!!!
I was surprised to find out that A-Mei appears in Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia. It totally proves that she is real a DIVA, SUPERSTAR, and whatever that you can call her. It is certainly not an easy task for a girl born in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan to be what she is now, in the international arena.

I still remember clearly i was hooked by her powerful voice back in year 1996 (wow, time flies man...) when i first get to know her from radio. I immediately went to buy her cassette (no CD yet during that time). Her debut album, "Sisters" (姐妹) was released and she has since earned tremendous success in her singing career, especially Chinese market. In fact 姐妹 is still a hit until now.

Many of her songs that i like, be it slow or fast track, like "Nothing You Want After All" (原來你什麼都不要), "Listen to the Sea" (聽海), "Holding Hands" (牽手), I Want Happiness" (我要快樂), A Moment" (一眼瞬間)....ahh, just too many to list down.

I still remember i went to watch her concert, in Bukit Jalil few years back with my bro. She invited a male audience to go on stage, tied him, and performed some sexy moves around him. You could expect the reaction of the guy, and we were all left laughing =)

I got myself the ticket immediately after knowing that she is having concert in KL, AGAIN. It is definitely a golden chance. You never know whether there is a next time.

View from where we seated. Not too far la...

~~~ people mountain people sea ~~~

I did not bring camera. Aboves were taken by handphone. That's why i did not snap any picture during the performance. I curi the pictures below from somewhere....hehe...

What we expected in the concert came true. It was all HOT! HOT! HOT! SMOKING HOT! She has rocked nearly 18,000 fans during her sell-out concert at Bukit Jalil Stadium last Friday. Having stars and sparkles as her dress code, A-Mei left her fans starry-eyed. She also performed live band with her band guitarist, something that i never seen before.

There was also a medley session where the thousands of fans get to sing karaoke with their darling idol. In fact the 4 giant screens showed the song lyrics during her entire performance as well and we get to sing along during the concert. A-Mei moved to tears several times as adoring fans screamed her name, that included 1 of my siblings =) People just laughed at him...haha...we had fun...

Oh well, there was also a BED session, where A-Mei sang "Victoria Secret", accompanied by 4 macho male dancers. Well i think she wore the correct dress code though :-)

During the encore session, A-Mei surprised us by singing Lagenda, which is made famous by our local diva, Sheila Majid. In the last session, everyone in the stadium stood up and danced together with A-Mei. I really feel that the stadium was rocking *_* That showed how happy and crazy all of us were....

The concert lasted over three hours until midnight. I just could not get enough of it la...definitely looking forward to her next concert in future! A-Mei, you ROCK!

Something interesting:

Some traders selling lok-lok in the stadium. Never see this in concert held in other country. Should be our Malaysia culture @_@

People said i always go to concert. Well, i am, but i only go for GOOD concert. Some artists are just too good and really born to be a star. I have been to Jackie's, Faye's, Jay's, Leehom's, Gary's.... and my next concert?

Leehom, i shall see you on 2nd May 2009 :p

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