Wednesday, March 18, 2009

明记叉烧我来啦!!! Meng Kee Char Siew (BBQ Pork)

Me and FwuSheng was at another firm yesterday around Changkat Raja Chulan performing some review of working papers. After completion by lunch hour, we were figuring out what to eat for lunch. Was supposed to head for pan mee nearby Jalan Sultan Ismail but unfortunately turned into wrong direction. But hey! We were at Tengkat Tung Shin, where there are a few famous and value for money eateries, like beef ball noodles, Muar Restaurant, etc etc.... Since we were at this place, what do you think we chose at the end? Our first and only intended choice (actually decided by me...hehe..), was the famous CHAR SIEW!!! Why i said famous was because the restaurant has been visited and commented by many food magazines, food guides and also by floggers. It has also been visited by Ho Jiak of 8TV and Ah Xian of ASTRO. I have the proof:
See left top and down corner....

I was very eager to try out this since hearing so many good review of the foods served. Moreover, i miss the chance of savouring the meal somewhere few months ago as it was so damn packed with people during lunch hour. The famous charsiew was sold out!!! I told myself that i definitely cannot miss this golden chance anymore.....

The charsiew is very tender, juicy, and not much 肥猪肉. We truly enjoyed it to the fullest....无得顶阿!!!

We ordered charsiew, chicken, taugeh and 2 drinks. Both of us felt that the chicken is so-so, definitely cannot beat the charsiew. Oh well, it is not the main attraction of the shop anyway. Soup was served together. It was sweet....

FYI, the drinks and taugeh are sold by another uncle in the shop. The satisfying meal, all inclusive came up to RM31. We also tapau for some colleagues in office, at RM6 per pack.

I get to know that the charsiew is roasted using charcoal. Nothing beats charcoal-cooked dishes.

Address: 13, Tengkat Tung Shin, Bukit Bintang, KL. (Look for Muar Restaurant if you are unsure. It is just opposite of the restaurant.
Opening hours: 11am - 3pm (if it is not sold out by that time...haha...)
Rest day: Sunday

Hey invite me together if you guys plan to eat MengKee CharSiewFan for lunch!


  1. Hey... I wanna try this too! my fave. Any kaki to join me?? Jamie, i think they should pay u a fee for advertising for them! :)

  2. i don need to advertise also the shop will get crowded everyday...haha...

  3. wow... you write chinese... i thought mes fellas dont know chinese... wrong!i am wrong!! but still can you pls FedEx plate of char siew fan to tm for me?

  4. fufu, FYI i took chinese paper in SPM lo...hehe...and don worry, i will 真空the charsiew and send to TM for patient ya!