Thursday, June 18, 2009

100th post @ 18 June 2009

Today is special
Today is My Birthday
Today is the day i am writing 100th post of my blog
Today am suppose to write something great that happened to me recently, but yesterday i realised it was just a joke indeed
Today is the day i've learned a great lesson from an idiot. This lesson is the greatest birthday gift of the year
Today is also the day i realised i have a lot of good people around me. There is no point wasting my time on a bugger idiot when you have so many lovely people surrounding you
Today is also the day i realised a recently-known friend could indeed become your good listener and willingly helping you to overcome sadness, letting me become Empress of Him for the day, and letting me expressing myself in front of Him even in vulgar words. And he was listening patiently without a sigh
Today is also the day i realise someone is able to cheer you up, where you never thought that he will be the one....
Well, i have actually targeted to write my 100th blog post on my Birthday. I managed to reach the 100th today. There is nothing that Mie cannot achieve, it only depends whether she wanna do it. Was planning to write about my blogging experience initially (since i have reached 100th blog!), but i have decided to defer that plan. I would rather share with you guys my feeling as of now...
Tonight's birthday dinner was planned initially to be celebrated with someone, who i thought was special initially, and finally i found out he's only an idiot. A bugger who is so immature and childish to my opinion. A guy who cannot stand out as a real man by himself. I am glad that i have never committed anything to this fella.
It was 11.45 pm @ 17.6.2009 by the time i realised this. I wondered why such thing happened to me, on my birthday eve. Initial excited mood turned out to be sorrow, just before the clock ticked to 12....
Having tears in my eyes, Evil Boy appeared and wished me Happy Birthday. He was the first to wish me online. And he was also the first who made the birthday call to me, during midnight. Knowing the sorrowness that i had, he was willing to let me become his "Empress" (for the night only la), letting me shouting out whatever unhappiness in my heart, patiently listening to my mumbling, and even encouraged me to shout out in vulgar words!
I am glad that i discovered the truth of the idiot before everything is too late.
I am glad that Evil Boy came to rescue me when i was really down. I thought i could never turn to anyone after that incident, especially since it was my birthday eve, and it was late hour. It was indeed surprise to receive his heartwarming gesture, which i never thought that he would be the one. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness. So touching. *Hugs*
Thanks Evil Boy for being with me for the night. I wouldn't have feel so lively today if it's not because of you. You have made my birthday of 2009 a very memorable one....
Thanks so much for my friends and office mates who treated/going to treat me for my birthday. You guys are so nice. I love you guys....
ps: will blog about my birthday celebration soon!
Please wish me all the best and good luck in my life! See you guys around!

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  1. Want me to beat him up for you? I have the 'kuli bao' stand by here....let's go get him REALLY DOWN!