Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Curry Noodles @ Imbi

We had lunch in Imbi again today. Had a feeling to try out curry laksa in the kopitiam as i didn't feel like waiting for the pork noodles that i normally fancy, today. The pork noodles stall have received many orders, based on the number of bowls stacked in between to indicate the different orders by different customers. Are they famous after i blog about them? Haha...

Yummy Curry Laksa
Thick curry, with generous amount of ingredients like shredded chicken, kerang, pig skin, foochok, taufoopok and etc.
The curry is real delicious, and it does not contain a lot of MSG since i didn't feel thirsty after eating it.
I have not been able to savour good curry laksa in KL lately. Finally found one here....

Curry Laksa - RM4.50
Carrot + Apple Juice - RM4.50
Exactly same price for the drink and food. But the effort in making the drink is definitely lesser compared to the curry laksa, which means better margin ehh?
Probably i can consider to sell fruit juice la.... :p

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