Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time for some fun

Realised that most of the group members are all stressed out in work, we decided to partly sponsor the group outing on last Thursday. Having enough of eat drink eat drink session previously, we decided to hold this outing at RedBox Karaoke @ Low Yat Plaza. There are many good singers in our group so we thought this event would be a rather good idea to unwind ourselves after the months long of hard works....

RedBox does have package for big group of pax. We have around 32 pax on the night, and the package came about more than RM1,000. Package included drinks, fruit platters, buffet, and we could sing until 4am in the next morning. What did we find as the most delicious food in RedBox Low Yat?

Ta Daaaa
Seriously, i think none of us fancy the buffet spread. It's relatively lesser (much more lesser) choices compared to Neway. Quality of food? Still can eat la, but don't expect too much. That's why i said the most delicious one will be the fruit... :P

Some photos taken on the night...

Package inclusive of free cake, so me and Julie whose birthday falls in June got to cut the cake, much more earlier than our actual birthday!

Ju, why closed your eyes la....

We had lotsa fun listening to the members singing, being those that are really good in singing, or...*ahem ahem*...

We had fun that night, although some left early. Me myself enjoyed singing k, maybe it's the process of releasing stress for myself. Looking forward to the next k session. Anyone interested?

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