Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Town White Coffee

If you do notice around KL and PJ areas, Old Town White Coffee cafe has been mushrooming here and there. There's even 2 OldTown near my office! Is it because of the demand of this cafe is increasing, compared to previous hip of Starbucks? Or is it because of the love of Malaysian on local foods and coffee? Whatever reason it may be, this cafe has become a household name and it's a frequent yumcha spot for many people....
It has been many months since i last visited Old Town. 6 months? I think more than that. I visited its outlet near my office @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on last Thursday, and i had a big shock when i look at this.....

Old Town's menu is no doubt extensive with local favourites, sweet delights and its hot and cold beverages. I had a shock when i looked at the price. It has increased by probably 5%-10% (for the item that i ordered). No wonder there is so many Old Town cafe mushrooming. Good margin ehh??

i like their tag line
enjoy your cuppa of coffee

Left - Nanyang Memorably - My fave coffee in Old Town. Bitterness suit me the best.
Right - Xi Mut Milk Tea
The price of beverage starts from at least RM2.80, if i am not mistaken.
OLDTOWN Nasi Rendang Chicken
This is my favourite food in OldTown, as the rendang is cooked to perfection. But i found that it did not taste as flavourful as before, i wonder why....
It was priced at RM7.90/RM8.90, now it is priced at RM9.50, which i think is no longer worth the price...

Javanese Mee
Looks tempted. No complains from Michelle who ate this. But it will be a rather small portion for a guy...


OLDTOWN Curry Laksa

Omega Soft Boiled Eggs
I personally feel that the food quality of OldTown has dropped nowadays, compared to earlier period when they first opened. Based on the information from their official website , the number of outlets has now reached 121 (as at 29 March 2009), and i think more outlets are opening soon. Probably you are interested to check out the financial requirement to be part of the franchise. I was thinking about this before too, but the requirement seems a bit high for my budget...haha...
Afterall, OldTown is definitely a good hang out place for some chit chat with your buddies...
p.s: OldTown @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is operating 24 hours. You may expect to bump into us auditors during midnight ^_^

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