Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chicken Rice @ Imbi

Had lunch with ManMan, CK, Samantha and CTW on one fine day at this shop selling chicken rice at Imbi. This shop was actually recommended by my dear bosses long time ago, and i have not been visiting for more than a year. Lucky they still exist (ooopsss....)

These are what we ordered.......

Asam vege - in cantonese they called "菜脚"

Not too sour, taste ngam-ngam for us. I always like this dish as it's very appetising.

Zestness to the full....

Combination of Roast Pork and BBQ Pork
The BBQ Pork was not that amazing though, but it was still flavoursome. The Roast Pork was unexpectedly OK, as i thought it would be a bit hard. Roasted to golden brown with crispy skin..Yum....

Pork Ball soup
~~ It's always my LOVE ~~

The attraction of the shop
Steamed Chicken - 白斩鸡
It definitely looks nice, isn't it?
Chicken meat was smooth and tender, but not on the breast part, as some of the gang tasted the breast part and said it was too hard. I got myself the other parts and it was OK.

Hainanese style, chilli paste and ginger paste
As a hainanese, i definitely request for ginger paste. You need to request from the SiTaoPo if you want it as they don't serve on the table....
None of the patrons on my table took this except me... :p

The bill came to RM 67 - 5 pax of us
Comments from them: Not that amazing as we thought it was.
Well, different people different preference.
But it was a good place for some decent nice chicken rice if you happen to be around Imbi.

I wonder whether it's true that no MSG was added @_@

I think they are husband and wife

No exact address.
It is located at the row of shop next to YuJia Village Restaurant @ Imbi, opposite the Imbi Palace Restaurant.

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