Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organic Dinner @ Green Meadow Cafe SS2

Everyone is so into organic stuff nowadays. From organic fruits, vegetables and drinks to healthcare products. There are many organic stores mushrooming around KL and PJ areas, and city folks have been gradually adapting to this new lifestyle.
I would sometimes crave for some organic foods whenever i feel that i need to replenish my body with something healthy. Having tried Green Meadow Health Cafe @ SS2 before, i decided to visit it again on last Sunday. Dinner gang were my Jimuis - WaiYee and PeiYee, and Edwin (PeiYee's bf).

The cafe was previously at ground floor, but has since moved to 1st floor as the business starts expanding. The ground floor was occupied with organic products for sale...

Some organic drinks

Some organic snacks and dried products

Even organic soap!

I remember they were featured in AhXian programme in Astro before.
There's a proof here!

This cafe does offer a monthly set meal programme, priced at approximately RM350-RM400 (depends whether travelling charges required). A bit steep, but considering the fact that it will improve your health condition, i think some people do not mind paying such...

Their signature dish - Hakka Lei Cha - RM14.50

Brown rice was used, with vege such as long beans, black fungus, celery and so on.
The "green" soup tasted not bad and it didn't taste awful like what we normally have outside....

We ordered Set B - RM11.90
Miso soup + Beancurd sheet wrap with rice and salads
I like the pineapple sauce, which we mix with the salad. Heart the tanginess feel a lot.
The rice is not bad too, coupled with the sweetness of the beancurd sheet...
~~ YumYum ~~

Enery Booster - RM12.90
A blend of carrot, alfalfa and many more fruits and vege, and it was very thick, gonna use the spoon to scoop it. The ladies love this very much as it has a bit of sourness....
Yogurt Rejuvenation Booster - RM12.90
A blend of vege, fruits and yogurt.
It tasted a bit weird...but somehow we gulp it down...

Seaweed HorFun Roll - RM5.90
I love this very much, the soft roll with the crunchiness of cucumber and carrot...
I think i will always buy this if i stay around SS2 =)
Lotus Leaf Rice - RM9.90
Brown rice was used, with a generous amount of nuts, ginkgo and so on...a bit dry by the way.
This was very filling...

Steamed Dumpling - RM4.50
Meat free, only vege fillings

TongSui of the day - Pumpkin with corn - RM2.50
Something new for us, maybe i can try at home...
Sweet with the lovely aroma of pumpkin and corn. A pretty good combination...

The organic dinner doesn't come cheap. It costs us nearly RM100 (exactly was RM99.80). I wish they can sell organic stuff cheaper in future so that we can indulge!

Got myself some loose pack of healthy drinks like Black Sesame drink.
Will try it one by one.
I saw some parents brought their kids along to this cafe for dinner, guess they wanted their kids to start eat healthily from young. But i definitely cannot bring some of my friends along as they can't survive without meat...haha...