Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hawker food @ Win Heng Seng, Imbi

Let's take some break from the birthday post. The lunch kakis went to Imbi again for lunch on last Monday. Felt a bit bored with MeiSin that we frequented so we headed to Win Heng Seng to try out other foods. See here for my previous post on this shop....

Barley Lime
RM1 ++
Refreshing + cooling

Pork noodles, dry version
Approximately RM 4 - 5

Pork noodles, soup version
Approximately RM 4 - 5

This is actually comparable with the one offered at Mei Sin, which is only a stone throw away from this shop. Generous amount of ingredients included. The soup was tasty and not that salty too...

We ordered a plate of Char Kuay Teow to share
Think this is less than RM5
We never expect this to be so flavourful and full of "wok-hei"
Finally found a good place to savour this authentic Penang dish

The stall selling the CKT

We ordered this braised tofu and eggs too
Blog about this before if you noticed, and we loved it very much
The stall selling the braised stuff
This stall is also famous for its chicken rice. Gotta try it next time
Saw this uncle baking the delicious tarts and pastries, so Sheng got a box to try out

Mini egg tart, coconut tart, pineapple tart, siew pao
All freshly baked daily
I tried the pineapple tart and it's real good! The pineapple filling was not too sweet, ngam ngam!
Probably it's fresh so that's why la...

This is the stall selling the pastries
Expect beelines during lunch hour!
This shop has become our frequent lunch place from now onwards =)

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