Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peri Peri @ Nandos Chicken

Was treated to an early b'day lunch by one of my good mate in office today. So sweet of Dan ...*touched*.... We headed to Nando's Chicken @ KLCC.

I've noticed that the menu has changed. Price has also changed.

KLCC outlet of Nando's is always packed during lunch hour. We managed to get there before the lunch crowd.

What i like most of Nando's is their selection of chili sauce. Mild, Hot, Extra Hot...choose yourself.

Being a chili lover myself, you should know which type i chose...

I really love their Peri - Peri chili sauce. Best eaten with grilled stuff!

Sprakling Appe Juice - Real refreshing. It's fizzy too!
Ice lemon tea - it's now bottomless!

1/4 grilled chicken with 2 sidelines
Fries + Coleslaw

1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines
Presto salad + Coleslaw

Overall, Nando's has managed to maintain the food quality. Chicken meat was tender, perfectly grilled. Their sidelines have always been my favourite. Do try out their Mediterranean rice or corn on cob. Awesomely delicious. Price has increased slightly compared to the last time i visited, which i think was somewhere more than half year ago. It would probably be a bit expensive for a lunch, but i was treated by Dan anyway... hehe....

Dan...thanks so much for the treat! Yours will be on next week Ok... =)


  1. aiyya, i hv to travel from Kedah to penang everytime crave for nandos... sure next weekend travel again...

    i wonderr why they dont hv any in kedah? poor mee..heheh

  2. enyusnizar: perhaps you could suggest to Nando's management? Or you may recommend yourself for the franchise..hehe...