Saturday, June 13, 2009

Want some Kacang Putih???

Malaysia is really a lovely country. We set aside the political issues which are always a hot topic in newspapers. As a Malaysian, i am amazed on the diversity of culture shown here. Malay, Chinese, Indian and so on. We do not need to travel all the way to other country if we wanted to savour each other's delicacies. Among so many types of food in Malaysia, i believe majority's favourite would be this....
~~ Kacang Putih ~~
Kacang Putih stall has always capture my attention whenever i see it. With so many kinds of variety, be it nuts, muruku, chips and so on, my eyes can't stop looking at it.
But my mind has always telling me not to indulge in it, since it's quite heaty and oily....
Sadly, i was unable to stand the temptation anymore on last Wednesday. Got myself a pack of this, which is always my favourite....

Tapioca Chips

nom nom nom @_@

Thanks Jenny for the treat!

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