Sunday, June 28, 2009

Belated Father's Day celebration

Mom and dad drop by at our place yesterday on the way from Seremban back to hometown. So we made it to a dinner nearby our place to celebrate the belated Father's day. It's a must to bring my dad for chinese cuisine. Why? No idea, ask my dad la!

Been long since i last taken pictures with my parents

Dinner was at Crystal Palm Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh
Not many people are aware of the existence of this restaurant. I knew it as my cousin work as a chef here previously. The previous owner was a well-known chef in the industry but has since sold off the restaurant to a new owner, just recently. We were stunt when the waitress told us this, fearing that the food quality will not be the same as before....

Let's see what we ordered...

Double boiled Shark Bone with Chicken Soup
This is real good. Tasted sweet and boiled to perfection.
My parents liked this very much too. Mom said it could help in strengthening our bone ...
Stir fry vege with anchovies

双拼 - 芥末虾 奶油虾
2 combination - Wasabi and Buttermilk Prawn
Succulent prawn, and fresh too. Heart the buttermilk taste, but the wasabi was not as "electrifying" as we expected. Should have put more wasabi to add the kick!

Braised Pork Rib with Bittergourd
Dad is a bittergourd lover so i think this suited him a lot.
Pretty good version of claypot braised food, really has the "wok-hei"!
Chillis added in has provided the little spiciness that i like.
Best to go with white rice!
Honey Cod Fish
We normally eat steam version of cod fish. This was the 1st time i ate pan fried version, and it's actually good!
My eyes went drooling when it was served. The honey made it more flavourful.

Do we look alike? ^_^

Dinner costs RM301.45, included rice, tea, napkins, tax and etc. Worth it? Hmmm...

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