Friday, June 12, 2009


You know sometimes some restaurants do not allow customers to borrow their "lovely" washroom, be it for hygienic reason or whatever reasons. I found it quite ridiculous sometimes. We paid for the foods and drinks. We are your customers. Aren't you as an owner or boss of the eatery, at least give us the benefit of using your washrooms. I know some patrons they do mess up the toilets, either squatting on the toilet bowl (eeeyeerrrrr!!!!) or whatever, ended up the toilet is so bloody dirty for next user. For me, i rather not going in if such situation happens.
An owner of a small restaurant probably fedup with all these, has come out with a BRILLIANT IDEA..........

Tell me. Do you dare to go in? What if there's a big dog hiding inside? What if there's someone guarding inside armed with a parang? What if.....???? As a lady, i am hesitate to go in already....what about you?

I found this funny actually....hahahahahahaa~~~~~~~~

ps: the above is found in a shop in Imbi, my fave lunch spot ^^

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