Saturday, June 27, 2009

My B'day Treat (II) - Delicious Day and Night

Continuation of my birthday treat. Some office mates bought me birthday lunch on my actual birthday @ 18 June. We went to Delicious @ Dua Annexe, Jalan Tun Razak. This branch of Delicious does sell the imported cooking ingredients, which i see was very extensive too...a rather good place to source those foreign imported stuff if you want....
Delicious @ Dua Annexe has a rather comfy ambience if you ask me. If i am not mistaken, there's a band performing at night too. A very good place for hanging out with your buddies...

Not the 1st time we visited Delicious, so i will only share the items that i have not comment before...

I really can't remember the name of these 2 drinks
Left: some ice tea with lemon (but it's not ice lemon tea)
Right: Honey Lemonade, whereby the honey was provided separately so you may choose the amount that you like. Love this idea...

Left: Lemon Grass Lychee ice blended
Right: Mint Lychee ice blended
Watermelon Lychee ice blended
Good comments from those who took the above ice blended. I tried it for a sip and it's real good, very refreshing especially the hint of lychee juice. Suits our hot weather currently...
Being a mushroom lover myself, i am really in love with this Mushroom Soup.
Thick and creamy soup with really generous amount of wild mushroom added in. Got the kick and i couldn't stop myself from indulging in this "Delicious'' soup!
It's pretty hard to find a decent mushroom soup around KL, all ended up very watery.
This one is definitely nice and it's my favourite food of Delicious from now onwards....
TW's Seafood Sphagetti
No bad comment from him, means OK la...
Must trust him since he's my immediate superior :P
My Lamb Shank
See the big bone??
This is actually a rather heavy dish, with the lamb and potato pie. Couldn't finish the potato though. The lamb shank was very tender and juicy, and i like the sauce very much.
I found another great lamb shank in town!
(FYI, i am a lamb lover too...haha...)
Presto Pasta with Chargrilled chicken
It's a home made spinach pasta.

The rest of them ordered Duck Confit pasta which i have blog about previously, so no further comment on this post lo.
Thanks guys for the lovely was indeed a heavy and Delicious birthday lunch for me

So, that ends the DAY part of Delicious treat. Move on to NIGHT part.....

If you readers remember my previous post, there were some hiccups on my birthday eve so the initial planned birthday dinner was called off. Ron knowing about this willingly offer himself to accompany me....lovely of him...

Having no idea where to go, i suggested to go Delicious, again! But this is the branch at Marc Residency. Why ah? Don's ask me cos i have no idea why i suggested that too. Probably is because i just wanted to go somewhere nice to chill out and enjoy my birthday night. Anyway, it's just a mere 5 minutes journey from our office...Oh by the way we drag Sheng along as well. 3some date? haha....

Bird cages everywhere
Symbols of Delicious

Had a full dinner that afternoon so i ordered Balsamic Mushrooms Salad for myself
Very good!
Very appetising!
I had too much mushroom on that day i suppose :P

Ron's Spaghetti Carbonara
He really likes creamy and cheesy stuff
Not bad, especially love the beef bacon

Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon and Caviar
My favourite too
But Sheng didn't seem to like it so much

Scone set
We got it free, thanks to a voucher given by Julie.
It's the 1st time of Ron and Sheng trying this so i was glad to show them the way of eating scone ^_^
Something new for them, and they liked it...
However, the scone here is only so-so, if you ask me honestly. I still prefer the one from Coffee Bean...

Star of the night, their signature desserts
Chocolate Brownies
Cold vanilla ice cream, hot choc brownies, thick choc sauce
So Deliciously SINFUL!
It made me Happy for the night ~~~

It was fun spending the birthday dinner with Ron and Sheng.
At least my big night was not spent with some idiot out there, instead it was with someone thoughtful...

That ends my ever Delicious BirthDay. More post on my birthday treats soon...
Got to finish my backlog posts since i will get much more busy in coming weeks! Is it good or bad? I wonder....

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