Saturday, June 27, 2009

A long lost friend

How does it feel when you manage to meet your long lost friend? They could be your old schoolmate, college mate, or even kindergarden mate....
I recently met an old friend of mine, which i have not seen since year 2002. So it means it is near 7 years. Not that we didn't plan to meet up, but it seems that there will be something came up whenever we fixed the gathering.
And recently we found each other in Facebook. (Facebook is definitely a great invention!) So we decided to meet up one night. I was like having phobia during that day itself, fearing that probably something came up again and we wouldn't be able to meet up. Probably you may think, if the meeting was cancelled, just make another appointment lo...but hey! You wouldn't understand the feeling of meeting a good friend that you have lost contact for so many years and it has to be canceled again. I seriously do no want to wait another 7 years to see him again...haha...
So we met up on Wednesday night. My good friend has changed a lot, especially physically..haha...oh well, he got fitter and not as skinny as before. Good for a guy at his age =)
I was wondering before we met whether we still have the "click" and having same topic of conversation. 7 years, it's not short nor long but many things could happen in this 7 years. Phew~~~ both of us were so glad that the click is still there, and we talk non-stop for almost 3 hours...just like the way we did before many years ago.
I treasure my friendship with my friends very much, especially with those that i can click with. Believe me, it's not easy to find peoples that you can click well, some people so just happen to appear in front of to turn you off. If you do meet those lovely peoples, i hope you treasure the friendships.
KL, it's been nice seeing you again after so many years. Things may not be your way previously but i believe good luck is with you from now onwards. I wish you all the best in your undertaking and most importantly, Happy Marriage to you ^_^

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