Thursday, June 25, 2009

My B'day Treat (I) - Sakae Sushi

My birthday treats from my friends and colleagues started since my birthday eve, and it continued until this week! Had been eating quite a lot for the whole week. Guess i am in deep need to shed some kilos after all the treats are finished! But i really had fun with the lovely people around me, celebrated with me. Being a foodie myself, i truly enjoyed the yummy-ness of all the nice foods! Yum Yum ^_^
Esther and Sheng treated me to a birthday dinner on my birthday eve, which was last week of Wednesday. We went to Sakae Sushi at KLCC, which i have frequented lately. This will be my third blog post on Sakae Sushi! Oh my god! I never thought that i will blog about the same restaurant in such a short period. Oh well, good food deserves frequent review i suppose :p
Let's see what we had that night....

These are the normal items that we (or rather me) would definitely order.
Promo under Citibank for handroll - Buy 1 free 1
Got ourself Unagi Temaki and Soft Shell Crab Temaki
Soft Shell Crab Temaki was as expected, but the Unagi Temaki turned me down. I only see Unagi skin wrapped in the roll, wonder where the meat goes...

Sakae Sushi is having a promotion on soft shell crab item. I can't remember the name of the above 2 items. But it's definitely something new to us, especially the sushi wrapped with seaweed and garnished with mango sauce.

^ Yum ^

Love this very much.

Sorry, really can't remember the name. It's beef slices wrapped with golden mushrooms with teriyaki sauce. Fancy the teriyaki sauce very much. Got the kick!

Tempura vege..good! Like the crispiness...

Jelly fish

Cold soba
Plain, but suits ladies who want to eat light...

Ramen with Mushrooms
A very healthy noodles, suits me and Esther who like mushrooms very much.
But still i find it a bit plain to my liking.

Sheng's favourite
But i don't like the version served here

Mochi for 3 of us
I always see the mochi turning around the conveyor belt but i never want to grab it. Dono why i took it after we completed our main meal...probably i wanted something sweet to end my birthday dinner? ^_^
Thanks Darlings~~~
I had a very enjoyable dinner with both of you. I still remember what we kepo and gossip that night...couldn't stop laughing...keke...
Guess i don't need to explain where Sakae Sushi located again... =)
Happy Sushi everyone~~~

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