Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Passion Road

Being working around Jalan Yap Kwan Seng close to 6 years, i have witnessed the opening of many restaurants within the vicinity. From posh mamak to high end restaurants, you could find many types of eateries, serving different type of cuisine.
Lunch has always been a critical decision to be made among us lunch kakis. You can't imagine us to spend much on lunch everyday in these eateries, right? There are many cafes around our office, but bet you, sometimes we are bored with all the same food, same place, same.....whatever.
Thinking what to eat yesterday for lunch, ManMan gave us the brilliant idea.....

We were here for lunch

A private dining & exclusive function venue in Kuala Lumpur that glows with pride & sheer elegance... that's PASSION ROAD. PASSION ROAD provides an unparallel haute culture and service to create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable event. This oasis of tranquility is a time & place of its very own...time to experience & indulge in the comfort of pure luxury in a total harmony with nature. The best kept culinary secrets behind our authentic cuisines are exquisitely and intricately presented with a touch of 'PASSION' ! Feed and explore your cravings through our diverse Asian or Western gastronomic styles, our own creative and dedicated chefs would specially concoct only the best...just for you!

Passion Road mostly caters to function and event. I remembered the wedding (or engagement??) of Erra Fazira (if i am not mistaken) was held here. I love their interior decoration. Good ambience for a small gathering among friends or family.

Probably thinking to earn extra during day time and not to waste the beautiful setup of the restaurant, Passion Road has introduced Set Lunch at an affordable price....which perfectly caters to us working people...
They have 2 different set lunch. Standard set lunch at RM9.90 (drinks, main, desserts) and Premium set lunch at RM15 (drinks, appetiser, main, desserts). They will change the set lunch in every 3-4 days, so probably we can savour different foods during each visit...

Lime juice
same drink offered in either set lunch

Option of noodles in Standard set lunch
Burmese Laksa
Droooling looking at the presentation

Another option in Standard Set Lunch
...... Fried Rice (sorry can't remember the name :P)

Main course for Premium set lunch
Nasi Lemak with either chicken rendang or mutton curry
I chose mutton curry

the appetiser
something like thai salad
i like the tanginess feel. real appetising

Mutton curry laden with lots of rendang gravy
Mutton was tender. This is the way of mutton curry that i like...

Desserts for Premium set
Bread pudding
Didn't manage to eat this. Was too full with the main course of nasi lemak :P
By the way, the desserts for Standard set was Bobo Caca (ok i know it should be read as Bubur Chacha...)

This is a great place for some nice lunch if we are real bored with the food offered around our office. We have a eatery in our office block offering set lunch at RM10 too, but the one offered by Passsion Road is definitely more worth the $$$.

No.16,Lorong Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (603)2166 7111
Fax: (603)2166 0711

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  1. Hahaha, I'm going to check out this place today. Just like you I was bored with the food around this area. Do you still work here?