Monday, June 29, 2009

My B'day treat (V) - Little Taiwan @ Avenue K

Another birthday treat on last Monday, this round was from KN, a very good mate of mine in office. We went to a quick dinner at Little Taiwan @ Avenue K since we need to go back office to work after that T_________T

Pearl Milk Tea & YinYong Pearl Milk Tea

I tried the Pearl Milk Tea before which was good. I tried the YinYong Pearl Milk Tea that night and ended up couldn't sleep! What a strong caffeine effect! But it was good afterall!

Lion's Head 狮子头

It's actually pork meat ball, and this was really flavourful. The meatball was very chewy. Good!

KN's Chicken Chop rice

Chicken chop was tender, and the rice was topped with the braised meat sauce that Taiwanese fancied

Meat Dumpling

Dan Dan Noodle 担担面
Soup noodles with some braised meat, braised egg and some salted vege
I like this version of noodle, not too heavy, if only we eat it on its own!
Ended up couldn't finish it cos we ordered too much for only 2 of us !

Sesame Prawn Toast
Something new, and it's real nice lo...
Very fragrant~~~

See our table full of foods!
Thanks KN for the lovely dinner... You are adorable ~~~
Read my previous post on Little Taiwan here and here.
A rather cosy place for a decent and affordable Taiwanese cuisine....

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