Saturday, June 27, 2009

My B'day treat (III) - Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K

I work at Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, if you are aware. So, paying visits to KLCC and Avenue K during lunch hour sometimes is a norm to my office people. We tend to visit these 2 places if we need to go somewhere nice (in terms of food and ambience). There are many popular eateries opened in Avenue K previously but was closed down, eg: Kiku Zakura and Kim Gary. I wonder why.... One that still stand strong (or rather surviving?) is Shanghai 10, which i have frequented many times too....
This was my N visits to Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K. Why? Because we (office gang) always visited here for any kind of occasion, be it birthday, farewell or whatever, especially lunch hour. Sometimes we even feel sick of eating too much here! But it has been 3 months since i last visited so i guess it's ok for my other gang of office mates to bring me here for my birthday treat :p

Let's see what we ordered for 6 girls of us...

上海 龙抄手
Dumpling in spicy sauce
Good version of dumplings in its sweet and spicy sauce

The signature XiaoLong Bao
Lots of soup splurging out from the thin skin. They are able to maintain the quality of this XiaoLongBao everytime i visit...Good!

The ever delicious Mango Shrimp
Like the tanginess feel of the mango stuffed in

Shrimp in FooChok
Another good fried style dimsum here

Avocado Roll
I tried this in previous visits and they always taste good. But my gang who tried this during this visit commented that it tasted awkward, not as good as before. It really depends on occasion...

Steamed Ma Lai Kou
Soft and fluffy, not too sweet
Love it~~~

Steam FooChok Dumpling

Their signature Fried Rice
Profesionally fried, the rice grains are very distinguished
Strong "wok-hei" too!

My favourite in Shanghai 10, since i can't find it elsewhere in KL
Fried Shanghai "Fen Pi" with crab roe
It always comes with generous amount of succulent prawns!
Trust me, you gotta order this if you are in Shanghai 10. Real no regret!

Pan Fried Dumpling
Normal meat dumpling

It seems that we have ordered too much for 6 of us. But still Ok la...hehe
Thanks babe for buying me this lovely lunch
~~ Muacks ~~

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